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Sober Living by the Sea provides co-occurring mental health disorder treatment rooted in a science-based, research-supported clinical model to ensure a healthier, more satisfying life.

Understanding Co-occurring Disorders

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The Sober Living by the Sea network includes providers of exemplary addiction treatment that have been able to help countless men and women achieve the sober lives they deserve to be living. Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Landing, and The Rose all supply the interventions that are effective in treating even the most severe forms of chemical dependency, and the staff at these treatment & rehab centers are fully dedicated to assisting clients as they work towards achieving their treatment goals.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get co-occurring disorder treatment

For many of the men and women who come to a Sober Living by the Sea rehab provider for care in Newport Beach, a mental health condition or conditions accompany the presence of an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. As world-class providers of substance abuse treatment, the three centers within our network are uniquely prepared to treat the co-occurring mental illnesses that are affecting those entrusted into our care.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for co-occurring disorders at Sober Living by the Sea in Southern California

Struggling with an untreated mental health disorder at the same time as an addiction to alcohol, heroin, or other such dangerous substances can further entrench a person in the grasp of an addiction and can most certainly compromise an individual’s efforts to abstain from the abuse of substances. As is the case for numerous people, suffering from a mental illness can cause a person to turn to drugs and/or alcohol as a means of coping with his or her symptoms, and the escape that’s created from substance abuse can not only worsen any existing symptoms, but it can also lead to the development of an addiction.

Our Treatment Network

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In choosing to receive treatment and rehabilitation at either Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Landing, or The Rose, clients are assessed at the start of their care to determine if they are battling a mental illness. If it is found that a co-occurring mental health condition is present, the resulting treatment plans will include certain interventions that aim to alleviate symptoms and teach clients how to manage their conditions without the use of substances.

At each of our three rehab centers, we hold true to the belief that all-inclusive treatment that includes care for the emotional and psychological well-being of our clients is necessary in order to help them truly defeat addictions to substances. We want to provide men and women with every advantage that will enhance their odds of reaching their recovery goals, and by supplying care for co-occurring mental illnesses, we believe that we can help you or someone you care about leave an addiction in the past once and for all.

To learn more about how Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Landing, or The Rose is able to help those suffering from an addiction and co-occurring mental health condition, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you determine if one of the Sober Living by the Sea treatment & rehab centers near Newport Beach is the perfect place to begin your sober life.

Co-occurring Disorder Articles

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Among the various co-occurring mental health disorders that Sober Living by the Sea providers are equipped to treat, the following are those that men and women can receive rehabilitation & treatment for while working on their recovery:

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I went into Sober Living by the Sea at the lowest point of my life. I had the worst mental health and an substance abuse problem. The counselors and treatment program was what saved my life. I am so thankful to all of the fantastic staff there.

– Former Patient
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