Afghanistan, Mexico, and Prescription Drugs III

Three Unlikely Partners in Crime Part III: The Taliban in Afghanistan – Heroin Manufacturing Empire

There are a variety of factors which have created a “perfect storm” which has lead to the death of thousands of Americans due to heroin overdose. There factors seem disparate at face value: the prescription drug addiction epidemic, the pharmaceutical industry’s creation of potent addictive drugs like OxyContin, the Mexican farming industry’s desperation to turn a profit, and in this segment: the geopolitical climate affecting heroin creation in Afghanistan.

It is estimated that 90% of the world’s heroin originates in Afghanistan.  This is a disturbing figure because we have seen how the drug has ravaged the United States in recent years.  Heroin addiction has been a problem in the U.S. for decades but recently is reaching a fever pitch due to the OxyContin addiction epidemic and its creation of opiate addicted people who transfer their addiction to cheaper and easier to obtain illegal heroin.

Taliban profits off of the death of Americans

What an effective mechanism this heroin trade has become for the most famous anti American group in the world – the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Not only do they profit directly from the creation and sale of opium within Afghanistan but the product ends up killing heroin users in the United States (and around the world) and destroying families in the country they have declared jihad against.

It has been documented in books like Seeds of Terror: How Heroin is Bankrolling the Taliban and al Qaeda that heroin is the economic backbone of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  Afghanistan has problems with corruption in its official ranks.  In this poverty ridden environment, the money that opium and heroin generate is ample to buy off the police who are in charge of cracking down on opium production.

Afghanistan is a large country that has been overproducing opium and heroin in recent years which has led to the drug being available on the streets of America for an all time low cost.  Drug traffickers in Afghanistan are doing more production of refined morphine and heroin than past years when raw opium would be sent to Pakistan, Asia, and other parts of the world to be processed into refined heroin.

Prescription Drug Industry’s Unwitting Contribution to the Taliban

Who would have thought that Purdue Pharma’s bringing of OxyContin to market would have led to a bolstering of the Taliban’s primary source of income?  OxyContin is one of many narcotic painkillers that is addictive, but it’s prevalence in society as the preferred drug of abuse by opioid addicted individuals causes it to be the “face” of what is wrong with the prescription medication industry.

Who would have thought that Purdue Pharma’s bringing of OxyContin to market would have led to a bolstering of the Taliban’s primary source of income?

We have often documented on our blog the destructive path that OxyContin has woven through our society so there is no reason to recap it here. Suffice to say that in almost 25 years of treating addiction, the OxyContin epidemic has led to more overdoses than the crystal methamphetamine epidemic and crack cocaine epidemic combined.

Our society’s growing experimentation with and addiction to OxyContin and other prescription drugs is not only destroying lives but putting money into the coffers of those who would like nothing more than to do so.

Confronting Heroin Addiction Here in the United States

Sadly, addiction is a reality for millions of Americans.  If you care about someone who is addicted to heroin (or any drug), you are not alone.  You may be confused about what to do next, but there are paths to recovery that have been laid out by professionals at addiction treatment centers like Sober Living by the Sea.  For more information about drug treatment and prevention call our team of admissions counselors.