Vivitrol for Alcohol Treatment

The Vivitrol shot is integrated into treatment when appropriate to give yet another enhancement to the “perfect blend” of addiction treatment at our facility.

Some basic facts:

  • The urge to drink is experienced in the brain
  • When people who are prone to alcohol dependence drink, the brain releases an excessive amount of pleasurable chemicals called endorphins
  • Endorphins cause the release of another pleasurable chemical called dopamine.  This is primarily responsible for the urge to drink and alcoholism.

Vivitrol blocks endorphins from attaching to brain cells.  This may prevent the excessive release of dopamine. It is believed that this is how Vivitrol may block the excessive reward of alcohol.

Vivitrol via Injection

Vivitrol has been used for some time to reduce cravings, but the alcohol dependent individuals tend to miss daily dosages when it is taken orally.  This can end up in relapse.

Taking Vivitrol via injection causes a month long release of the drug which will partially block the pleasure the patient can experience from drinking alcohol.

Vivitrol is only an enhancement to counseling and therapeutic processes.  Vivitrol is a means to allow the patient to more fully engross themselves in enjoyable activities and treatment processes that will help them work on underlying issues that exacerbated their drinking. Vivitrol will reduce cravings and help the patient learn a new way of life that is more rewarding than they could have imagined.

This is what Sober Living by the Sea has been doing for 25 years: showing people a way of life better than they could have imagined. Vivitrol is a means to this end.  We are proud to announce that we will be enhancing our treatment of alcoholism with Vivitrol  – when appropriate.

 Updates on Vivitrol to address some frequently asked questions:

  • Vivitrol is not an opioid

  • Vivitrol is not a mood or mind altering medication

  • Patients will not become addicted to Vivitrol

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