Men Are More Likely To Crave Alcohol

This probably comes as no surprise, but men and women tend to react to stress differently. A study of emotional and alcohol-craving responses to stress has found that when men become upset, they are more likely to want alcohol than women. Women on the other hand, have greater rates of depression and some types of anxiety disorders than men.

This is the type of pattern that we have addressed at Sober Living by the sea by creating separate programs for men and women. Our Landing facility for men and Sunrise Ranch facility for men and women provide structured, highly supervised support for those who are chemically dependent. The Rose facility offers a nurturing and supportive environment for females, allowing them to work on their women’s issues with other women in recovery in a safe and intimate environment.

The recent study was authored by the Yale University School of Medicine and was conducted by exposing over 50 adults to role playing activities and closely monitoring their response. The role playing was conducted as “imagery scripts” which were divided into these categories: stressful, alcohol-related, and neutral/relaxing. All role playing was conducted in separate sessions, on separate days, and in random order. The results of the research concluded that women are more likely to feel sad or anxious after a stressful experience and men are more likely to drink alcohol as a result of a stressful experience.

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