NARxCheck Monitoring Software

NARxCheck – A Software Program to Identify Risk of Opiate Abuse

Our staff is pleased to hear about a groundbreaking new software program developed in Ohio that helps drug prescribers quantify the risk of abuse by patients.

In the ongoing struggle against the prescription drug epidemic, NarxCheck is a breath of fresh air.

Created by Dr. Jim Huizenga, a Dayton doctor who shares our concern about the increase in addiction and overdose, NarxCheck allows doctors to enter patient information and have access to patient history to create a scoring system that will help predict  the potential of abuse.

This is a great development as we have learned that there are factors (genetic and environmental) which can help predict the likelihood of a person developing an addiction.  Obviously, NarxCheck will not access genetic and environmental data but rather the patient’s history of prescriptions to identify patterns that indicate the person is at risk for abusing and/or becoming addicted to their medications.

Drugs that are particularly risky for patients include narcotic painkillers like:

  • Vicodin
  • OxyContin
  • Fentanyl
  • Percocet

and also anti anxiety drugs like Xanax are habit forming as well.

Dr. Huizenga – we applaud your efforts in the ongoing struggle against the prescription drug addiction epidemic.