Marc Emery Prince of Pot

Crazy things happen in the topsy turvy world of marijuana activism and the struggle for legalization. The latest news we have read about is a high profile legalization activist who’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worse.

When we wrote about the very interesting television documentary Marijuana Nation, we covered the Canadian “Prince of Pot” who literally seemed poised to capitalize on the coming decriminalization of marijuana in a “Bill Gates” like manner.

As you may remember Marc Emery  was like a marijuana mogul who had a pot emporium with paraphernalia, a smoking room, and even ran a website ( and a magazine called Cannabis Culture.

Selling Drugs on the Internet

Emery had made most of his fortune selling marijuana seeds on the internet.  This is a very gray area of legality as the emerging technology fast outpaced the legislation that was needed to regulate it.  Anyone who has an email address knows that if there are that many of billions of email messages flying around every day about buying prescription drugs on the internet, there must be a big industry fulfilling the orders.

Unfortunately for Emery, his “success” was so large that he became a highly desired target of United States federal authorities and has now been captured in Canada and extradited to the United States. Emery likely faces 5 years in prison.  The charge is supplying contraband (marijuana seeds) to U.S. growers through the mail.

A True Marijuana Activist

In an email to the U.S. District Court, Emery plead guilty.  in the same email, he  evoked the struggle for legalization of marijuana and as he says “we are winning.”

Since marijuana seems destined for legalization (and is largely decriminalized) you would almost have to agree with Marc’s assertion that his “side” is winning.

In the L.A. times article about the Prince of Pot, it points out that he lived in a rented apartment with no car and few possession.  His passion was marijuana legalization. Marc Emery ran for mayor of Vancouver multiple times.  He purchased tables at government events featuring U.S. Drug Czar John Walters.

His mistake though, was crossing the United States because for years he was the leading supplier of seeds through the mail.  His recent extradition

Marc Emery’s Blog

Marc Emery’s Blog has been keeping a blog from prison which can be viewed here: The latest entry has him starting out by saying: “I am very pleased to report that I am in good shape, sleeping well, and very busy getting some good work done.”  He attempted to get a podcast out to his blog but apparently that landed him in trouble with prison officials.

Love him or hate him, Marc Emery is standing up for what he loves. We wonder if he has ever known someone who’s life has been ruined by marijuana like some of the clients who come to us for treatment.  One thing is for sure, that’s going to be a long 5 year sentence for Marc because he can’t smoke his precious substance.