Whitney Houston and Hitting Rock Bottom

Whitney Houston’s death at 48 years old reminds many of the value of hitting rock bottom.

The sudden death of 48 year old singer and actress Whitney Houston has both the entertainment and addiction recovery community’s sadly shaking their heads. The beloved world renowned entertainer spent the last decade of her life battling drug and alcohol addiction. Houston was under the powerful vice of her addictions at times having to cancel performances as large as the Oscars. Houston not only leaves behind a teenage daughter, but also her successful career in the competitive music industry. Today many wonder how successful, wealthy individuals in the entertainment industry struggle for years with addictions without finding lasting recovery.

There is a term within the recovery community called “Rock Bottom.” Rock Bottom is where an addict finds that they will lose everything they have; family, friends, career and home if they do not seek help for their addiction. If Rock Bottom doesn’t come along fast enough, families seek out the help of interventionist and therapist to cut off an addict from all financial resources and personal relationships. The problem with celebrities might be their unlimited access to financial resources and their celebrity status which creates the allusion of support and adoration. All of these elements support a co-dependent cocktail that has killed many beloved celebrities; Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and most recently Amy Winehouse.

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