Rose Featured on Cracking Addiction

TLC brings another compelling show about addiction and recovery during which The Rose and Sober Living by the Sea will be featured in the inaugural episode.

Cracking Addiction is the name of a new show on the TLC Channel that features the mother and son intervention team of Debbie and Brandon Knauss (of VIP Recovery). You may be familiar with Debbie and Brandon because of the high profile intervention on the Dr. Phil show that pulled Brandon out of a destructive cycle of addiction. He has since teamed up with his Mom to create a very highly regarded intervention agency called VIP Recovery.

As Debbie and Brandon continue to “pay it forward,” their journey takes them onto a new show on the TLC Channel called Cracking Addiction. The show airs for the first time this Wednesday October 5th at 9 PM (8 central) and features the plight of Angelica – a 23 year old college student who is both pregnant and hooked on heroin.

This unfortunate and dangerous situation has potentially disastrous implications but the goal of the VIP Recovery team is to get Angelica to The Rose Treatment Center for Women. The Rose has actually had very specific experience in this area of treating chemically dependent and pregnant women. In fact, The Rose was featured on an episode of Dr. Phil last year which saw a pregnant woman named Felicia get help for her heroin addiction from The Rose.