Relapse Prevention in our Structured Recovery Program

Sunrise Recovery offers highly structured 12-step based treatment for men and women who are alcoholics or suffer from chemical dependency including crack cocaine addiction and heroin addiction.

For many years, Sunrise Recovery  has provided a serene retreat for men and women who are drug addicts and alcoholics to get a fresh start on their recovery. The stunning nine acre ranch in Southern California is run by a staff that provides personalized and disciplined care for men and women who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. The programs are specific to each gender, but the programs may interact with the other gender in some groups and activities. The process of receiving treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction at Sunrise Recovery Ranch involves a 2 to 1 ratio of staff to client and includes experiential therapy like a spiritual retreat to Lake Arrowhead or frequent hikes in the surrounding mountains.

The spiritual environment is ideal for men and women who have been to other treatment facilities and have a high likelihood of relapse.

Relapse prone drug addicts benefit from the constant supervision and outdoor activities which keep them busy. The caring and structured environment lends itself to even the most extreme addicts including those who are suffering from addiction to pharmaceutical drugs like vicodin and oxycontin. Visit Sunrise Ranch’s page about relapse prevention to see why it has a reputation as the most caring and supportive drug rehab for men and women in California The latest treatment techniques are used by talented and caring professionals who help alcoholics and drug addicts to recover and heal. To ensure that each client gets the best care possible, Sunrise Recovery Ranch is staffed by a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, counselors, lecturers, and therapists. The family is integrated into the recovery process often with frequent contact from the staff. After the initial two weeks clients can have their family visit to learn about and participate in the recovery process.

Other activities for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts include swimming, softball, and participation in tending to the ranch petting zoo. From spring through fall, there is a monthly retreat to the cozy Lake Arrowhead facility where clients further their recovery while surrounded by breathtaking alpine beauty.

Clients at Sunrise Recovery Ranch are required to participate in recovery activities from 6:00 AM until 10:30 PM 5 days a week, and on the weekends have some supervised time to themselves between groups, lectures, and recovery meetings. The Ranch is known for its disciplined housekeeping requirements which build the client’s strength toward setting and achieving goals. Sunrise Ranch has built a reputation for effectively treating men and women suffering from heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and alcoholism.

With 15 staff members on site, clients are held accountable and given constant support in recovery. Clients build a meaningful bond with the staff as everyone lives, eats, and attends meetings together.

Clients will undergo an initial psychiatric evaluation and have 1-on-1 interaction with staff constantly including multiple counseling sessions per week. Sunrise Ranch clients’ daily regimen of activities includes lectures, workshops, recovery meetings, and group counseling. There is an extensive curriculum of education that covers issues like Relapse Prevention and Anger Management.

Sunrise Recovery Ranch embraces traditional 12-step recovery principles by transporting clients to local recovery meetings as well as hosting them on site. For many clients, the highlight of the experience is the personal and confidential “Step 5-8″ workshop they perform with Tim Bernardi. Tim Bernardi is a legendary spiritual advisor who has performed over 500 of these personal workshops. This workshop experience has a remarkably memorable effect on residents and strengthens the foundation of their new start in recovery.

When men and women check in to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, they find themselves accountable for their recovery and building a positive fellowship with the other men and women at the Ranch. Men who enter Sunrise Ranch have lives that are ruled by alcoholism and drug addiction. By the time these same men and women complete this primary phase of treatment, they have established short term goals. Alcoholics and drug addicts also learn to create long term goals that hopefully include return visits to the Ranch to participate in alumni activities. Over the past seven years, Sunrise Ranch has proven to be an effective launching pad to recovery for men and women of all ages because of its beautiful location, caring staff, and structured activities.