High Functioning Addicts

Our treatment center’s location in Southern California in Newport Beach (close to Los Angeles and San Diego) lends itself well to the treatment of high functioning alcoholics and addicts.

We have been treating addiction for 25 years and you may be surprised to know that a lot of the men and women who seek treatment are very highly functional alcoholics or addicts:

  • CEOs
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Government Officials
  • High Ranking Members of Law Enforcement
  • Radio, Film and TV Personalities
  • Grammy Winning Musicians

Something about the drive to succeed at high levels can be accompanied by an inability to turn off the ambition and can lead the person to medicate with drugs or alcohol to wind down.

There are many things that we have noticed in our high functioning alcoholics:

1.    Driven… by feelings of low self worth.
The men and women sometimes are lacking in basic self esteem that causes them to seek approval from external sources like a career.

2.    Denial… “how could I have a problem?”
The fact of the matter is, denial is extremely common, that is why it is helpful to contact us to get help from a professional in finding out “what to say to an addicted or alcoholic family member.”

3.    Family Issues
Most people who seek treatment benefit from addressing core underlying psychological issues that often begin with the family of origin. (These issues are actually prevalent in all areas of society – not just with chemically dependent men and women).  We find the family treatment program critical to the success of treating men and women.

Convincing Highly Functional Alcoholics and Addicts to Get Treatment

Circle the Wagons and Call in the Troops.

Circle the Wagons and Call in the Troops.  An intervention seems overwhelming to the person who is merely a caring family member.  There are often layers of denial throughout the family system.  Getting as many of the family involved is helpful (“Circle the Wagons”) but the real key is picking up the phone and calling a treatment center to start getting advice and having questions answered.

If confronting a drug or alcohol abusing family member (or another family member caught up in the protective but deadly web of denial) seems overwhelming then it will be comforting to know that you can get help from an interventionist (“Call in the Troops”).  Trained interventionists (or a therapist, social worker, or drug and alcohol counselor) will guide you through the process of who to talk to, in what order, and what to say to them.


  • Millions of peoples suffer from addiction.

  • Many more millions are caring family members.

  • Treatment works.

  • When you call and talk to a professional, the steps begin to unfold.

Call Sober Living by the Sea for more information about how to get help for a highly successful executive who is abusing drugs or alcohol.