I Have Four Years of Sobriety

I am doing awesome – I will have four years of Sobriety soon.

I want to fill you in on my recovery. I go to a meeting everyday, and I have made many new friends in sobriety. I chair a speaker meeting on Wednesday nights, I have 2 sponsees, I do service work, and I am currently the GSR for my home group on Sunday.

I know it is a “we” program and I count on my higher power quite a bit. I couldn’t have done it without the help of your treatment program and wonderful people at Sober Living by the Sea. The staff were very influential in my recovery.

I see Gianna K. occasionally (another Sober Living by the Sea alum) and I recently ran into Tracy S. as well. She was finally sober after a 15 month relapse!

Linda N. and I talk frequently. She still lives and works in Costa Mesa. She just celebrated 4 years, too. Even though we had trouble getting along as roommates, we are good friends now!

Please tell everyone at Sober Living by the Sea that I am doing great.


Linda C.