Bath Salts Drug Epidemic

Ivory Wave (also known as Cloud 9) is a drug that is addictive and dangerous.

While household items have often been used to get high but a disturbing trend has seen products being created specifically to masquerade as innocent household items.

When taking an aroma bath, people add bath salts to the water to feel relaxed and soften the water. But a growing trend from the taking hold in the U.S. – this takes the pleasure of bath salts to another level. Authorities are now calling the bath salt “Ivory Wave” a synthetic form of Cocaine. This drug gives users a euphoric ecstasy like sensation, with an amphetamine-like high. There is a growing numbers of overdoses causing concern but currently the product is legal in the United States. You can purchase Ivory Wave from most stores, but will have more luck finding the product at your local smoke shop.

Ivory Wave is sold in 500mg packets labeled “for novelty use only”.  The instructions are to add 10-12mg to a hot water bath. The product is supposed to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very soothed and relaxed. This is used to mimic the natural springs of the Greek sea. Also directed in the instructions is “PLEASE do not use this as SNUFF!!!” and “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”. The contents in the product are: Epsom Salt’s, Sodium Bar-carbonate, Sodium Chloride, minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring amino acids. The product fails to tell you of the other ingredients that researchers found.

Tests from the University of Sydney revealed that the product Ivory wave contains a potent psychoactive chemical called methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). MDPV contains structural similarities to pyrovalerone and MDMA which is the active ingredient in ecstasy. An anonymous Ivory Wave user from Newcastle told “ninemsn” the powder was several times stronger than cocaine when snorted.  That the drug “provides profound stimulation and empathy, as well as mild, yet blissful, euphoria,” the anonymous user said. He also said that the sensational “magic” diminished rapidly, leaving the user with a strong urge to snort again.

Users get a temporary sense of an amphetamine-like high by; snorting, injecting or smoking the bath salt. After the intense high user are left with a painful hangover. Some of the symptoms that users have experienced are

  • emotional fragility
  • diminished cognitive ability
  • muscular pain
  • a sore jaw
  • loss of appetite
  • days of hallucinations
  • acute agitation
  • extreme paranoid delusion
  • heart problems
  • chest pain
  • headaches
  • suicidal thoughts

University of Sydney Chemistry Professor Paul Groundwater warned that users of Ivory Wave (a.k.a. Cloud 9) could be putting their health at serious risk. “Drugs for approved human use must meet very stringent criteria in terms of their manufacture,” he said. “These designer drugs have not been subjected to such scrutiny and so they may contain many harmful by-products as a result of their production.”

In Baton Louisiana 84 people have been hospitalized since September after using the new drug, according to state health officials. The state Poison Center says they receive four to five calls each day from people that snort, smoke or inject the substance.

To think that this substance is considered a “legal high” in the United States. You can buy the bath salt on-line, convenient stores, gas stations or at smoke shops across the nation. One packet of Ivory Wave will cost you about thirty dollars.  The substance has been made illegal to sell in the U.K., Australia and other surrounding countries. When purchasing on-line there are disclaimers that the product will not be shipped to the U.K., but the anonymous user interviewed by ninemsn said he and his friends have ordered the bath salt several times through post from overseas and have not encountered any problems with customs.