Treating the Highly Functional

The Sober Living by the Sea network has a wide variety of personalized treatment programs for men and women.

The gender specific programs (The Rose for Women and The Landing for Men) are primary treatment programs that are very effective in treating high functioning addicts and alcoholics. Our location in Orange County brings us into contact with many men and women who are very successful yet physically and mentally addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Here is how we’ve found it effective to treat high functioning addicts and alcoholics:


All of our programs are 12-Step based which is a program that is very effective but requires humility and concepts like “surrender.” Still, we treat our clients in a very respectful and supportive manner that builds self esteem because we applaud their courage in seeking treatment. Once they have the drugs detoxed out of their bodies and begin to learn about addiction and how it has affected them, they will soon be very willing to undergo the work of recovery.


Once we start educating our clients about the disease of addiction they start to understand that the numerous factors which contribute to this medical condition and perceive themselves as having a medical ailment that requires treatment for rehabilitation. This removes much of the stigma and leads to a willingness for treatment.

Tender Love and Care

There is something that happens inside when our clients come from their hectic and out of control existence and slow down into our treatment facility with it’s top notch luxurious surroundings. Once the laptop and cell phone is put away (for 2 weeks to a month depending on program), we start guiding our client to work on themselves and increase their self image by showing them they are worthy of it. Depending on the program, meals are provided and a healthy nutritional regimen is implemented that includes relaxing activities and ample rest.

Physical Rebuilding

In addition to the nearly constant slate of therapeutic activities, support group meetings, and educational workshops, there is built into every day time for physical activities which strengthen the healing process of mind and body. Activities vary in how physically strenuous they are and only appropriate activities for the personal recovery program are allowed. Activities are voluntary (but encouraged) and many are as easy going as museum trips and movie excursions which show the men and women how to enjoy simple pleasures without their drug of choice.


Starting with the education and respect mentioned above, we find our clients appreciate the structure and requirements of our treatment programs. Both men and women who are high functioning tend to embrace the requirements of our program and want to do well here. We have found that highly functional alcoholics and drug users enthusiastically look forward to our 72 hour drug and alcohol screening policy and are very punctual and involved in the various therapeutic activities and processes.


Highly functioning alcoholics and addicts tend to be very active in embracing the 12th step of the 12 Step Program which encourages working with others who need recovery. Our alumni groups are led by men and women who find it very helpful to be involved with newly sober clients and show them how the path to long term abstinence can be rewarding and better than they could have ever imagined prior to treatment.

Getting Help for a Highly Functional Alcoholic or Drug Addict

It is completely natural if you are afraid to confront an addicted individual who you care about. There is a reason that professionals like those at Sober Living by the Seahave been so successful for over 25 years: They understand what you are going through.

Call us today for guidance on what to say, how to say it. We have helped thousands recover from drugs and alcohol but can do nothing for the individual who doesn’t reach out to us first. All Calls are confidential and anonymous.


  • Millions of peoples suffer from addiction.
  • Many more millions are caring family members.
  • Treatment works.
  • When you call and talk to a professional, the steps begin to unfold.