NOW IS YOUR TIME by Vince Jones

“Live, one day at a time.” This simple saying popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous has become part of the daily consciousness, but what does it really mean?

Living on the Spiritual Basis the meaning is simple and profound: The only time we can be present for God, the only time we can stand in the presence of God, the only time God can be present in our lives is in the present moment. So be present for God, for God is always present for us. Yesterday a memory, tomorrow a promise, today, this moment the only reality. Living on this basis, the Spiritual Basis, all the presents God has for us appear in our lives.

Vince Jones is our popular Monday night lecturer who is passionate about recovery and helps our clients achieve a spiritual change to strengthen their new life of sobriety that they begin at our treatment centers. If you enjoy this message of spirituality then you may be interested in our Celebrate Recovery Christian Treatment Program.