License Revoked for Ten Years in California

Reason 10,846 to not drink and drive. A ban that could last TEN YEARS if you are caught for a DUI (starting in 2012).

Let’s do the math. Cost of a cab ride home = $10-$100. Cost of a first DUI in 2011 – approximately $20,000 + (according to Lawrence Wolf, Criminal Attorney).

Cost of a 2nd DUI is exponentially more, and includes mandatory prison time.

The cost of a 3rd DUI is 10 YEARS no drivers license. Is it really possible to put a monetary value on TEN YEARS with no license? We think not.

We were alerted to this new fact by reading a press release from AAA’s website.

Among many other interesting “driver related news” this is the paragraph that stopped us in our tracks:

Drunk Drivers. Beginning January 1, 2012, AB 1601 authorizes judges to revoke for up to 10 years the driver’s license of any person convicted of three or more DUIs in a 10-year period. Current law allows for a license revocation of three years for someone with three or more DUIs in a 10-year period. (In 2008, there were 187,987 DUI convictions in California, 9,164 of which were third-time DUI offenders within 10 years. In addition, drunk drivers killed more than 1,000 people in California and injured 28,000 more.)

So, as if we needed another reason to be happy about being sober, this is a good one. And of course, few things beat being sober and getting to shepherd your irresponsible friends to safety by being their designated driver.

So sober folks, breathe another sigh of relief. Drinkers, beware!