JaMarcus Russell Arrested for Possession of Codeine Syrup – Purple Drank or Sip Sip

It seems like celebrities are always leading the way when it comes to trends. Whether its a famous actor, singer or athlete, they always seem to wear the new fashions, drive the coolest cars and even have the hippest hairstyles.

Like it or not, there is no denying that America learns “what’s hot” from  celebrities and follows in their footsteps.

Unfortunately, we don’t just learn about the trivial stuff from them. We also learn about the bad stuff as well. How many people had ever heard of the SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet before Lindsey Lohan was forced to wear one? America had, but that was just because actor/comedian Tracy Morgan was forced to wear one before her.

Or going further back, we learned that a “Speedball” was a mix of Heroin and Cocaine, because that’s what caused John Belushi’s overdose, and then reappeared again when Chris Farley and River Pheonix both overdosed on the same deadly mix.

It’s amazing how quickly a drug can go from being totally underground to immediately part of the American lexicon just because a celebrity was caught using it. The newest addition to this infamous list of celebrities who have introduced the mainstream to a new drug is former NFL number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell.

JaMarcus was arrested in Alabama on June 5, 2010 for possession of a controlled substance. The controlled substance in question, (and will forever be associated with him), is a Promethazine/Codeine Syrup based concoction known in slang as  Purple Drank. Other street names for it include:

  • Sip Sip
  • Sizzurp
  • Sippin’ Syrup
  • Lean
  • Rainbow Colors

Already, a search for any of these street names will bring hundreds of sites with people requesting and receiving a variety of recipes and dosages. There are so many different recipes in fact that it is difficult to really determine what was in the  Purple Drank Russell was arrested for possessing. But the issue isn’t really what he was taking exactly, but the fact that curiosity has been piqued. Young people all across America are asking themselves, “What is Sip Sip? What is Purple Drank? Where do I get it? How do I make it?”

So what will they be experimenting with? The general consensus is that the  Purple Drank  is a mixture of the by prescription cough suppressant Promethazine/Codeine Syrup and some kind of soda, like Sprite or 7-up. In addition, most often there is hard alcohol added, like vodka or gin, and sometimes a Jolly Rancher candy is added.

This means there is one more prescription medication in parents’ medicine cabinets that their children might be hoping to find.  And as with any prescription medication that is abused, often the user will think that because it is a prescription medication, that it is less dangerous than other, street manufactured drugs. Of course this is not the case, as prescription medications can be equally as deadly as any other illicit drug. Promethazine/Codeine Syrup in high doses can have all sorts of negative reactions, including allergic reactions, unconsciousness, and difficulty breathing. If the user mixes alcohol or any other medication (as many of the recipes say to do), then the user is in even greater danger of potentially lethal side effects, let alone addiction.

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