Dr. Phil Features The Rose

Paige from The Rose had the great opportunity to offer a troubled woman treatment at The Rose during a moving episode of the Dr. Phil show on Feb 2nd, 2011.

A Baby at Risk

Dr. Phil had previously aired a heart wrenching intervention for a the brother of a young woman named Felicia named Tony. Tony agreed to get help for his addiction and has completed rehab.

In this episode, there is a surprise intervention on Felicia – to save not only her, but also her unborn child. Felicia is currently in the 2nd term of her pregnancy and using Suboxone to cope with opiate withdrawals. Felicia is caught in the cruel cycle of addiction which leads her to convince her younger brother Tony (newly sober and just out of rehab himself) to obtain Suboxone off the street.

Two of our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Jennifer Farrell and OB/GYN Dr. Tricia Wright counsel Felicia on how to save herself and her baby.

Dr. Wright specializes in the treatment of pregnant women and addiction. Dr. Wright applauds Felicia for coming forward with her addiction and urges her to maintain the Suboxone habit so that the baby will survive the last term of the pregnancy.

Dr. Farrell concurs that Felicia can’t go off Suboxone, or she could lose her baby. She says managing withdrawal symptoms in babies is very difficult.

Felicia eventually agrees to treatment at the Rose of Newport Beach to begin to turn around her life to protect her baby from the distress of drug detoxification.

Felicia Agrees to Get Help at The Rose

Dr. Phil also introduces Paige Willard from The Rose of Newport Beach. She tells Felicia, “If you are willing today, we will take you into treatment. We will give you a full scholarship into our program.” She says, “Our program treats women specifically with chemical dependency, but we also address all those underlying issues that we have as women that make it hard for us to get sober and stay sober, like trauma, like grief that you’re experiencing right now, the anxiety, the depression. We help you with all of those. We give you the tools to go home with your husband and lead a sober life.”

“I would love to do that,” Felicia says, wiping away her tears. Felicia has agreed to get treatment at the Rose of Newport Beach to begin to turn around her life to protect her baby from the distress of Detox.

Dr. Phil tells this family to step up their game in order to succeed and properly support Tony and Felicia.