Cigarette Smoking Common in Recovery Field

A friend of mine who works here recently quit smoking after years of being a heavy smoker (he is in recovery himself with over a dozen years sober).

He actually was very upbeat and positive about the process and how it was going through the first 2 weeks which was really encouraging to hear. He is taking advantage of some of the supplements that are on the market which reduce the craving (i.e. nicotine patches and nicotine gum).

Having quit smoking a few short years ago myself (I waited until I had one year of sobriety) I can tell you that it is one of the most difficult things I have done – and also one of the most rewarding. I really despised the way I felt because of my smoking habit, and I knew that it would kill me eventually. It is such a relief to not have to spend my hard earned money on expensive cigarettes and enrich the companies who have enslaved me with their addictive chemicals. It is also a relief to not have to worry about the smell of the cigarettes trailing me around, or the stigma that comes along with being a smoker in our society that is becoming more and more “anti smoking” as time passes. One thing that I have always kind of liked about the recovery industry is that it is very non judgmental toward people who smoke because so often they are in recovery from much more destructive substances like alcohol (or cocaine, vicodin, oxycontin, etc.).

Nicotine Is the Most Common Addiction in the U.S.

You may not realize that nicotine addiction is more common than alcoholism or any other type of addiction in the United States. There are about 62 million cigarette “smokers” (not necessarily addicts) in the United States which represents almost thirty percent of the population. Cigarette smoking harms every organ in the body and cigarette smoking kills almost half a million US citizens.

Shocking Statistic

Cigarette Smoking kills more people than alcohol, cocaine, heroin, homicide, suicide, are accidents, fire, and AIDS – COMBINED. Approximately 25 million citizens of the US who are alive today will most likely die of a smoking related disease.

Cigarettes Contain More That Is Dangerous Than Just Nicotine

We have long been told that nicotine is not the only psychoactive ingredient in tobacco. Using advanced brain imaging technology in research labs, studies have demonstrated the marked decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase (MAO) which is an important enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of dopamine. This change is caused by some tobacco smoke ingredient other than nicotine, since we know that nicotine

New Research About Quitting Smoking and Ending Alcoholism (or Drug Addiction)

Although many people in Recovery rely very heavily on smoking during their early years of sobriety from alcohol or drugs, recent research has shown that it is actually beneficial to quit all mood and mind altering substances at once. While it may seem overwhelming to contemplate this (it certainly does to me for whom it was very difficult to quit drinking and I don’t think I could have possibly made it without the substitute of cigarettes and coffee).