A Business Model for Recovery

Steven East is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor who has been instrumental in creating an environment at our treatment facility in which our recovering clients can thrive.

In this blog, Steven shares some very creative thoughts about treating one’s recovery from alcoholism or addiction like it were a business.

The Business Model

The recovering person must visualize their lives as if it is a corporation. They are the chairman of the board, God is the CEO, and they have several other members, all with specific areas of expertise. It is imperative for this pseudo corporation to operate successfully, that it utilize the various board members.


One of the most important tools at the disposal of a recovering person is delegation. This is represented in the utilization of others in matters requiring difficult decisions.

Members and Functions

In recovery each person strives to assemble their own set of board members each entrusted to help make healthy and productive decisions.

We have the sponsor who functions primarily in matters pertaining to instruction and application of the twelve steps.

We have the spiritual adviser who functions primarily in matters concerning increasing a connection to our higher power.

We have a financial adviser who functions primarily in matters pertaining to money.

We have a relationship adviser who functions in matters concerning relationships with friends, family, and romantic involvements.


One of the fundamental problems that most substance abuse individuals face is an in ability to establish and or utilize the people in their lives capable of helping them make the tough decisions that early recovery requires. That is why here at Sober Living by the Sea we begin by supplying each client with a dream team of advisers.

These include therapists, operations staff, clinicians, and bringing all these individuals together with the client we have the case manager. This assembly of professional advisers help the client not only begin to make healthy choices, but ultimately shows the client how to construct their own dream team so after discharge their lives continue to proper as a result of these appropriate choices. Our focus is not just to help our clients make good choices, but to help our clients learn how to make good choices on their own.

Steven East is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC II). He specializes in Client Centered Therapy. His approach utilizes an eclectic array of positive reinforcement and motivational techniques. His methods help guide the clients of our addiction treatment facility towards self-actualization.