Antiopes Reviews

We have serious doubts about Antiopes, whose manufacturers claim it can help you “quit your painkiller addiction with no withdrawal symptoms.”

At our treatment center we research emerging treatment methods to increase the quality of our patients’ recovery.

We have integrated (in special cases) drugs like Suboxone and Vivitrol into the treatment of men and women who are recovering from opiate or alcohol addiction. This shows we definitely are open to integrating a substance into our treatment regimen if it increases the comfort of our patient – while he/she pursues a program of therapeutic 12-step based recovery to work on underlying issues.

Antiopes- Very Difficult to Take Seriously

We have been alerted to a new herbal medicine created by a Canadian manufacturer called Antiopes. This medicine is an over the counter herbal mix that claims to help you “Quit Your Painkiller Addiction with No Withdrawal Symptoms.” That statement in itself is worded in such a way that it makes it difficult to take this product seriously.

Here, from the manufacturer’s website, is information “About the Makers of Antiopes:”

Antiopes was started by two guys in Vancouver, Canada, who were both addicted to Percocets/OxyContin. After trying to quit numerous times, we started doing more research into herbal medicine to help with our addictions. After much research and even more trial and error, we came up with what we believe to be the best product to help take away your withdrawal symptoms.

This was NOT a commercial endeavor at first, but after witnessing the ease with which we were able to quit, and after realizing that we could help save thousands of lives of people with no access to methadone or other treatment options, we decided it would be wrong to keep this to ourselves.

And here is a listing of ingredients in Antiopes are:

  • An herb used by healers in Asia for hundreds of years, when treating addiction to opium among the villagers.
  • A shrub that grows in the south of Africa, chewed by shepards and hunters when they needed a pick me up after spending days on end alone in the desert.
  • A plant that is the number one prescribed anti-depressant in some forward thinking European countries.
  • A root extract used as a general body tonic, to help expel toxicity and replenish your bodies natural defenses.
  • A naturally occurring amino acid extract that is proven to boost your serotonin levels.

Antiopes- We are Looking for Volunteers to Share Their Experience

As a principle, we will want to hear from the recovery community about the Antiopes medication before we more officially pass judgment. If you are someone who has tried the medication please contact us by leaving a comment on this article. You are welcome to sound off in your comment if you want to leave an opinion about Antiopes for others.