A Glass House is Sometimes Mistaken as Healthy Transparency – Kelly K.

Staffer Kelly K. talks about some of his thoughts from recovery.

Healthy Communication

Transparency is new coined buzz word today,  but just because things are transparent – does that mean that they are healthy?

A lot of people’s actions and communication are still driven by “love” or “fear.”

What is your structure made of – is it truly transparent or is it glass?

One of the results of the 12 steps is to alleviate all fear and replace it with faith.  If I am to  “practice the principles in all my affairs” then I can perhaps one day be transparent and loving.

The truth is neither good nor bad – the truth just is.   Relationships and structures – with healthy transparency are based on the truth.

Healthy transparency is not only me being able to see you and you being able to see me.

Healthy transparency is a relation, bond or alliance, that is built on truths and facts and clarity.

It is an understanding based on love and not fear. You can not just see me, you would know  what it is like to be me and vice versa – we share common solutions and have experienced common problems.

There is nothing to hide because we have no fear, there is no fear of the past and no fear of the future.

In a transparent world there are only two descriptions of time, there is “now” and there is “not now.”

In a transparent world we will not run around wasting energy foolishly wondering if our present is consistent with our past or will the decisions we make today affect our future.

Because we deal with things out of love.

That is our best investment for the future, we are no longer powerless, we have new power.

It is called Love.

–  Kelly K