Alcoholism Quiz

Many people use alcohol and even abuse it without being an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a progressive and destructive disease. It can be difficult to confront a person about their drug use and the person who drinks alcoholically are often in denial. This quiz may help shed light on a person’s alcoholic drinking.

Men and women who are in need of an alcohol rehab program are often in denial about the seriousness of their drinking problem. One symptom that is a likely indicator of alcoholism is that the drinker’s family and/or loved ones are concerned and feel that they are being negatively affected by the alcoholic binges. Loved ones and family members can often feel helpless and confused as they watch someone they care for suffer and deteriorate because of their alcohol abuse. We have created this alcoholism quiz to help men and women (and their families) reflect on the impact that alcohol is having on their lives.

Do you prefer to drink alcohol in private (so no one can see how much or how fast you drink)? Yes No
Do you drink alcohol in order toescape your troubles and worries? Often Sometimes Never
Do you have trouble sleeping because of alcohol (i.e., is it harder to sleep without drinking)? Often Sometimes Never
Do you have troubles at home because of drinking alcohol? Often Sometimes Never
Have you ever had a loss of memory as a result of drinking alcohol? Yes No
Do you care less about the well-being of your family when you are under the influence of alcohol? Yes No
Do you make decisions to attend events based on whether or not there will be alcohol available? Often Sometimes Never
your drinking gradually increased over time (i.e., it takes greater and
greater amounts of alcohol to get the same effect)?
Yes No
When with others, do you desire a drink because you feel anxious about interacting with them? Often Sometimes Never
Has your drinking alcohol caused financial problems for you and/or your family? Yes No
Do you think that drinking increases your self-confidence? Yes No
Do you feel regret the morning after you drink? Often Sometimes Never
Has your reputation been directly affected by your drinking? Yes No
Do you get angry as a result of someone mentioning or joking about your drinking? Often Sometimes Never
Has your employment performance been negatively affected by your drinking alcohol? Yes No
Do you call in sick or miss work as a result of your drinking alcohol? Often Sometimes Never
Has your drinking ever resulted in the need for you to be hospitalized? Yes No
Has your drinking ever resulted in you getting into legal trouble? Yes No
Do you need a drink first thing in the morning in order to function? Yes No
When drinking, do you find yourself hanging out with individuals who are not a good influence? Often Sometimes Never
Is there a specific time each day that you crave an alcoholic drink? Yes No

If You Have a Drinking Problem – You are Not Alone

If you answered “yes” or “often” to more than a couple of these questions, then it is possible that you may be abusing alcohol. You are not alone. There is help available. It is essential that you find the strength to address your problematic drinking pattern. It may be that you can stop on your own, but it is also possible that you may need help to stop. There have been incredible advancements in our 23-year history that have allowed us to effectively provide successful alcohol treatment. There is no reason to suffer in silence or continue hurting yourself and those around you. You can contact our treatment center admissions team for a confidential conversation in which you will find our staff supportive and non-judgmental about your drinking. We want to help you overcome your drinking habit but we cannot help the person who does not contact us first.

Advice for the Families of Problem Drinkers

Getting the person who is abusing alcoholto accept help can sometimes be difficult because of his or her denial.

This alcohol quiz may have provided you with some insight, or caused you to think of other questions you would like to ask of someone at our alcoholism treatment clinic. We urge you to pick up the phone or fill out our assessment request form to get in touch with a caring, knowledgeable, and supportive clinician who will begin the process of assessing your situation and help point you in the direction of recovery.

We know that the family of an alcoholic can suffer unbearably because of their loved one’s drinking problem, so we’ve created a special page with advice to the family of an alcoholic. We also know that initiating the conversation can be difficult so we’ve created a page that addresses the issue of what to say to a loved one who is an alcoholic.

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