Addiction Quiz

The following quiz was created to help men and women (and their families) reflect on the impact that drugs are having on their lives. The best action to take if you are concerned about drug use is to get advice from a professional.

Do you hide your drug use from others, or do you try and get an “extra” amount when you are using drugs with others because you need more? Yes No
Do you use your drug of choice immediately upon waking up in the morning? Yes No
Have you participated in illegal activities to get money for your drug use? Yes No
Does your personality change because of drug use (i.e., are you more irritable or confrontational)? Yes No
Have you ever switched from one kind of drug to another thinking that this would help you get “in control of your life”? Yes No
Do you find yourself neglecting your family or loved ones because of your drug use? Yes No
Have you attempted to stop using drugs for a period of time and found yourself unable to do so? Yes No
Do you partake in using drugs more than once a week? Yes No
Have people you care about confronted you about your drug use? Yes No
Do you feel guilty about your drug use? Yes No

Addiction Is a Progressive Illness

There is no definitive rule that indicates someone is an addict or needs addiction treatment if they answered “yes” to a certain number of the questions above. Some would say that if your life is negatively affected by drugs in any way then you have a drug problem, while others may believe the mere fact that you or a loved one is searching out this type of information indicates problem drug use.

At Sober Living by the Sea, we subscribe to the theory that drug addiction is a progressive illness that gets worse if untreated. Some people can use drugs recreationally for many years before slowly progressing to being a “drug abuser,” and then eventually cross the “invisible line” into full-blown addiction characterized by mental and physical dependence on the substance. Other people, particularly those who become addicted to cocaine or addicted to meth, report becoming hooked on drugs almost instantly.

If You Have a Substance Abuse Problem – You Are Not Alone

One thing we know for sure is that if you are struggling with drug use, you are not alone, and there is help availableSome studies have shown that up to 10% of the population of the United
States struggles with a type of addiction. What is important is not the past use, and who or what is to blame, but rather moving forward in a positive direction. Learning about addiction and drug use by reading this and other websites is an indicator that you are ready to take action and that a change for the better may be on the horizon.

Receiving treatment at a facility like Sober Living by the Sea may not be the right first step for some people. Some people who contact us for help are able to participate in a 12-Step program (available in every area) and quit using drugs with the tools they gain from participating in a program of recovery with others. Other times, it is a family member who contacts us in order to start the process of having an intervention for the person who is using drugs. After an intervention, some men and women will try to quit drugs because of the motivation they receive from the intervention of their loved ones. Still, it is not unusual for men and women to discover that they need help to stop using drugs.

Our treatment center admissions team can answer your questions and perform some basic assessments if you call us at 866.697.7230. All calls and forms are confidential and will be received by a nonjudgmental and supportive member of our team. There is no reason to suffer in silence or continue hurting yourself and those around you. We want to help you overcome your drinking or drug habit but we cannot help the person who does not contact us first.

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