Functional Opiate Addiction

The increasingly growing phenomenon of patients becoming addicted to medication that their doctors prescribed to them is changing the face of drug addiction in our modern society. Read the below statement from someone who could be considered a “functional drug addict.”

“I regularly use narcotic painkillers. We’re talking strong medicine here, not stuff like the spoonful of cough syrup with codeine that you took for last winter’s cold. I take Oxycontin tablets twice daily, I wear the Fentanyl patch, and I take morphine tabs if I need to. I also take Ambien for insomnia and Valium for muscle relaxation. I’m addicted to all these meds, and I couldn’t care less.

You’ve judged me already haven’t you? Just these few words, and you’ve decided that I’m a degenerate drug addict, a menace to society, a lazy dope fiend, and a drain on taxpayers money, right? I’m a “problem” that has been extensively cussed and discussed by many who think that they can look at my drug use and then put all kinds of labels on me.”

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