Why Choose Sober Living by the Sea

Given the fact that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all program for those looking to recover from chemical dependency concerns, it is important for individuals in need of effective substance abuse treatment to consider their own needs, goals, and preferred treatment environment in which to break free from the grips of addiction.

Sober Living by the Sea, a premier network of substance abuse treatment providers, exists for the sole purpose of making not only exceptional treatment available to people, but also giving individuals treatment options that can truly help them win the war against addiction. When you choose a Sober Living by the Sea treatment provider, you are not only making a positive choice for yourself in the present, but also a transformative decision that can benefit you for a lifetime.

Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Rose, and The Landing make up the stellar trio in the Sober Living by the Sea network. These programs, which are all CARF accredited and accept most major insurance providers, have a proven track record of helping men and women alike achieve the drug and alcohol-free lives they both desire and deserve. Depending upon your own treatment needs, you can choose which of the following centers you feel can best set you on the path of recovery:

Sunrise Recovery Ranch

As a co-ed recovery center, Sunrise Recovery Ranch, which is located in picturesque Riverside, California, is where men and women work together towards becoming sober. With a top-notch detoxification program and specialized gender-specific services available, this residential treatment center helps those who come for care become more confident in their ability to abstain from the abuse of substances once and for all.

The Rose

As Newport Beach’s premier women-only substance abuse treatment center, The Rose offers women the supportive environment that they need to recover and grow. This center features a detox program, residential care, and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) called The Rose II. In selecting this center to receive services, you can benefit from being part of a community that fully supports the needs and goals unique to women.

The Landing

The Landing is similar to The Rose in that it is also located in Newport Beach, California, though this pioneering center caters to men only. Via detox services, residential treatment, and The Landing II, this center’s PHP program, adult men can make great strides in their pursuit of a sober existence. Also, like The Rose, this center focuses solely on the needs of those receiving care.

As stated, depending on your own requirements for treatment and preference for the type of environment in which you would like to participate in a program, Sober Living by the Sea offers the resources and support that can help you reclaim your life and leave the abuse of substances in the past.

If you would like to learn more about a particular program, we encourage you to contact Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Rose, or The Landing today. Making this important call can help you start your journey toward a healthier, more productive, and sober life.

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