Meditation and Recovery

Meditation can be a great tool in the process of recovery. Meditation is a way to train the mind to focus clearly. It is important to keep the body relaxed.

Breathing as a Tool for Meditation

There are different ways to get the benefits of meditation. One of the most powerful is a set of breaths; another consists of slow breathing techniques. These methods of breathing have a very calming affect on the mind.

The mind can be like a wind blown ocean with thoughts that never end. By using different breathing techniques, we can train the mind to come to a standstill and a very soothing and peaceful place.

Sitting Positions

One technique of meditation is to sit in an upright position with hands in your lap, palms facing upward, with the spine straight. This eastern position is called the full lotus.

Western man has redeveloped different techniques. One of these is sitting in a chair emulating the Eastern technique. It is important to keep the body relaxed and the spine straight. You can start by trying to relax the body from your forehead to your toes.

Calming the Mind

With eyes closed and body relaxed, we take control of our minds to stop thoughts from wandering. There are different ways to calm the mind during meditation. There are different mantras that can be used during meditation. A mantra is a word or vibration that keeps the mind centered on a point of concentration.

One of the most widely used mantras is the word “Aum”, or “Om.” These words are sound vibrations, that keep us focused. The practice of using a mantra brings calmness, awakens a spiritual source, and helps to acheive oneness of mind, body and spirit.

Chanting a mantra also brings extreme focus. Pany people who meditate try to find the time of day that will be most beneficial and stick to that time. Usually early morning and just before bed are good times. The benefits of calming and centering the mind can be very rewarding. Relief that comes from the reduction of stress can improve one’s emotional well being throughout the day.

The Benefits of Meditation

The student of meditation may find that calmness and peace are realized early on in the practice of meditation. The student may also find that his/her confidence level is heightened. The person who meditates will likely be more content and happy with themselves. In daily activities you can implement the practice of meditation. I do a meditation when I swim. There is a flow of breathing and I train my mind on a mantra during the session. You will find you have a restful sleep after a good meditation.

Prayer is praying to God and meditation is the practice of listening to God and filling your being with the essence of the universe and the oneness of the all-knowing. Meditation can definitely help in the process of recovery.

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