Sober Living by The Sea Featured on A&E’s Intervention

Sober Living by the Sea was recently featured on an episode of A&E’s Intervention.

Sober Living by the Sea is one of the most successful drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world. The Intervention episode focused on a middle-aged woman named Sylvia who was suffering from alcoholism and was unable to stay sober on her own. At the conclusion of the episode, Intervention sent Sylvia to Sober Living by the Sea where she was able to begin recovery.

Our drug rehab programs provide the necessary support it requires to overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Our programs offer individualized therapy, workshops and lectures, and twelve-step support groups every month. In order to keep the mind refreshed and receptive throughout treatment, we require that clients follow a regimen of exercise that includes daily visits to a fitness center or regular participation in organized sports.

With the support of our staff of addictions experts, residents like Sylvia get the help they need to stop drinking as well as the insight and therapy they require to confront the underlying issues of their alcoholism in order to maintain long-term sobriety.

We are happy to report that Sylvia has remained sober since her treatment at Sober Living by the Sea and was recently featured as a success story on a follow-up episode of A&E’s Intervention. Sober Living by the Sea is very proud of Sylvia and all of her accomplishments in sobriety! A true miracle!

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