World-class personalized care for substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.


Sober Living by the Sea providers are proud to be able to facilitate invaluable detox services so that those who come for top notch addiction treatment can have their systems cleared of dangerous substances of abuse.


The centers within the Sober Living by the Sea network supply high quality residential programming options that enable men and women to step away from their everyday lives and focus on recovery so that sobriety can be achieved.


Each Sober Living by the Sea program offers beneficial continuing care outpatient options as a means of helping clients build upon the skills they have learned and providing them with the support needed to maintain recovery.

Why Choose Sober Living by the Sea?

Since 1986, the Sober Living by the Sea treatment network has been a source of life-changing treatment for adult men and women who are struggling with substance abuse, chemical dependency, and certain co-occurring mental health disorders. At each of our three programs, experienced treatment professionals provide world-class services in serene home-like environments. We place great emphasis upon ensuring that each person who chooses to heal with us receives personalized attention, customized care, and the support that they need to meet their individual goals.

At Sober Living by the Sea, we understand the unique ways that men and women are impacted by addiction and co-occurring disorders, and we have developed specialized programming that incorporates both time-tested techniques and emerging evidence-based methodologies to ensure that all of our clients receive the focused care that they need to meet their personal treatment goals.

Welcome to Sober Living by the Sea.

Often cited as among the nation’s premier providers of addiction treatment services, Sober Living by the Sea has a rich history of helping men and women transcend the pain of chemical dependency and learn how to live healthier and happier lives, free from the constraints of addiction. Our treatment services include detox, residential care, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP) and gender-specific programming for both men and women.

When individuals in crisis choose to heal at one of our three centers, they can do so secure in the knowledge that they will be working in active collaboration with experienced professionals whose skills are equaled only by their dedication to providing the highest quality of care. They can also expect to participate in holistic services that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.

In luxurious homes along the Pacific coast and in an inviting home-like center amid majestic southern California mountains, our programs incorporate the inspirational beauty of our locations into our comprehensive treatment plans. Traditional individual and group therapy sessions are augmented with experiential therapies and recreational activities such as massage, acupuncture, kayaking, beach volleyball, sailing, surfing, bike rides and gym sessions.

At Sober Living by the Sea, individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse and addiction can receive the comprehensive care that will not only help them to resist the compulsion to abuse alcohol or other drugs, but that will also empower them to make the real and lasting changes that will support long-term recovery and a productive and satisfying drug-free future.